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Can nanotech reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria?

Every year, millions of people catch the flu resulting in 31.4 million doctor visits costing billions in lost productivity and healthcare expenses. A 2016 study pegged productivity losses at a $5.8 billion hit to American business. With the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, the blow to small, medium and large businesses and taxpayers is staggering. Worse yet, […]

How to Make Your Multi Tenant Buildings More Valuable

Most apartment complex owners are very limited in what they can do to stay competitive with newer properties. Lower rents, remodel or tear down and replace?  But, what if there was a better option?  An option that actually reduced the tenant’s monthly expenses while increasing rental revenues AND property values for the owner? Well now […]

Great Parks Need Great Public Safety

Urban planners and architects go to great effort and expense to design fun and interesting parks.  But is your urban park safe and secure for visitors?  Pretty easy to find tragic headlines that say no.  But how do you really know for sure?  Cameras, sensors, other smart tech?  Nice to have, but without electricity, that’s […]

Making a better battery – CBS News

Commercial buildings use more electricity than any other building type in the US.  Roughly 65% according to DOE statistics.  But, the problem is WHEN they use energy – daytime and early evenings.  That creates a problem for the power grid which falls short throughout the day and has too much at night.  Energy storage solves […]

Behind San Diego Unified’s Solar Power Struggles

San Diego Unified School District was one of the first to deploy large scale solar and has learned some valuable lessons along the way. Despite its struggles with solar power so far, the district is preparing to ramp up its solar footprint with a major investment of bond funds. However, some districts like Poway and […]

Spur clean-tech for smart cities – vote here.

Coming soon to smart cities – Next generation clean technologies that will help make fossil fuels irrelevant. By 2050, 90% of the population will be in cities, 75% of all energy use and 80% of CO2 emissions will start with the cities.  When US Mayors return from their annual conference this weekend, city staffs will be challenged […]

Vote for smart campus sustainability!

If you or your institution care about climate change, lowering energy bills or student safety, we ask you to vote for 3fficient to win a $100k grant, so we can bring you free solar power, improved student safety and education. CLICK HERE TO VOTE 3fficient is helping incubate some incredible startups and early stage companies.  Our FreeCharge™ initiative is […]

Do you support solar charging?

Our partner, Strawberry energy is competing to enter the Verge CleanTech Accelerator in Silicon Valley.  This is a great opportunity for a young startup to showcase in front of influential people from famous Silicon Valley.  They are just one step closer to it, but really need your vote! Just click on this link, select Strawberry energy and click Vote! No registration, no connection […]