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3fficient is the only international award winning company that engineers cost savings that make your business more efficient, productive and sustainable.  So far, we’ve saved our customers over $1 Billion and cut over a million tons of CO2 and other pollutants from the air we all share. 

We work with CEOs, CFOs and other operations executives to lock in substantial utility, maintenance, tax and other savings.  

Trusted by hundreds of amazing brands

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Procurement Savings

Unlocking cost savings, incentives and rebates from past and future procurements.

O&M Savings

Facility tune-ups and A.I. that improve productivity and comfort overnight.

Capital Savings

Sustainable energy upgrades that pay for themselves and free up your capital.

Amazing Results

Great for our clients. Just another day for us.

Utility Savings


Tax Savings


Program ROI


Maint Savings




Carbon Reduction


How much can you save?

Pro Services

Stuff we do in house.

Energy Management

With energy being one of the top expenses of most organizations, managing the complexities can be very daunting, time consuming and costly. As a result, most organizations leave it up…


3fficient has audited and re-engineered nearly every type of facility and building genre going back nearly 200 years. We are building scientists, building doctors and funding wizards. We know what works well and what doesn't...

Project Management

3fficient has managed hundreds of successful projects from portfolio studies to complex "open heart surgeries" on operating facilities "while fully awake"…

Green Certifications

3fficient has commissioned and certified dozens of green buildings to various standards, local and international requirements. Our professional services could compete with any powerhouse consultancy in the industry. At least that's what our clients have said...

About Our Services

We provide these services as part of our turnkey solutions or sometimes on a consulting basis. With over a quarter century of practice, we’re pretty good at this stuff.


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