Making buildings great again, since 1994.

Our Services


World class consulting engineering, commissioning and sustainability expertise to support your programs or turnkey design/build projects.

general contractor with framing level

General Contracting

Award winning turn-key contracting ensures faster delivery and no finger pointing.

Building Maintenance

Everything needs a little maintenance and 3fficient is here to help keep your buildings and energy systems working smoothly.


Home remodels range from simple kitchen or bath renovations to house makeovers like those seen on TV.

encinitas civic center solar roof

Clean Energy

Why rely on utilities or CCAs when you can have more reliable, clean power at a lower cost right where you are?

high rise under construction

Energy Efficiency

Big or small, energy retrofits can save a lot of money when they are implemented by seasoned professionals like 3fficient.

Why us?

We got the tools

We often use advanced diagnostics, troubleshooting and artificial intelligence software before bringing out the big power tools and equipment.

Certified Experience

We have seasoned staff of certified lighting, energy and green building professionals and technicians.

Competitive Pricing

No jet-setting executives here.  Just hard working Americans on a mission to make the world a better place.

Five Star Performance

Paid services get 5 star reviews.  Other services are paid for performance, so positive outcomes are a certainty for you.

25 Years Experience

Since 1994, 3fficient has saved its customers over $1 Billion in utility costs (and counting).  Imagine how much more we can do together!


We minimize and recycle construction waste and we’ve been sustainably net-zero energy since 1994.  Well before those were  buzz words.