How to Make Your Multi Tenant Buildings More Valuable

Most apartment complex owners are very limited in what they can do to stay competitive with newer properties. Lower rents, remodel or tear down and replace?  But, what if there was a better option?  An option that actually reduced the tenant’s monthly expenses while increasing rental revenues AND property values for the owner?

Well now there is.  3fficient’s Smart Zero program is now available for multi-family building owners, like apartment communities.  This comprehensive green building program provides the capital and turnkey EPC contracting for efficient holistic modernizations coupled with on-site renewable energy generation and storage.  Owners get smart energy upgrades and substantially improved property values while tenants get more comfortable and modern spaces with really low utility bills.  A true win-win!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1.  Analyze

  • Property Owner completes the Quicklook survey to see if they qualify for this unique upgrade program.
  • 3fficient Customer specialist will contact the Owner to confirm their online application and compile some additional property details, e.g. number of apartments and SF for each (typically size per floor plan and qty of each).
  • 3fficient will provide a preliminary energy assessment of indicative savings and property value impacts.

Step 2. Engineer

  • Upon engagement, 3fficient will provide engineering and a detailed, bankable engineering estimate of costs and savings.
  • Owner can use that to decide on desired rent adjustments in advance – based on projected savings per metered dwelling unit.

Step 3.  Integrate

  • Upon funding approval, 3fficient will procure necessary permits and materials, then manage implementation and commissioning of desired upgrades.

Step 4.  Enjoy

  • Tenants will enjoy lower monthly expenses and tell their friends how sustainable and great their community is.
  • Owner will enjoy the many low and zero carbon accolades, the increased rental demand, the increased revenues, profits and property values that effectively cost the owner nothing.
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