This 82,000 SF medical office building was due for a remodel.  The entries are enclosed with architectural smoked glass curtain walls.  Unfortunately, they felt more like a sauna.  A comfort issue the building occupants had endured for years.  Instead of putting in costly air conditioning, the owners were looking for more passive upgrades.  Something that would keep the heat out without blocking any more light.

The general contractor was referred to 3FFICIENT for installation of proprietary liquid window insulation.  Within 5 minutes of the demo, the building owner said go ahead (without even asking the price).  When they found out the cost was competitive with traditional plastic film, they were even more thrilled.  This new nano-technology, installed by 3FFICIENT, avoided the need for adding air conditioning – eliminating the capital expense as well as ongoing operating costs.  Now they have improved comfort, a solution that doesn’t degrade like traditional plastic films and sustainable energy savings. The payback was immediate.  The contented owners and occupants – priceless!

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