3fficient. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

We got the tools

With advanced diagnostics and simulation tools, we pinpoint repairs before using the fancy power tools.

Certified Experience

We are certified building scientists, energy managers and licensed contractors.

Competitive Pricing

No jet setting executives here.  Just humble, hard working Americans who get the job done.

Guaranteed Performance

We proudly stand behind all work.  If it isn’t top notch, we’ll make it right.

25+ Years Experience

Since 1994, we have been making buildings greener and energy cleaner.


We’ve been net zero and 100% sustainable before it was a buzz word!

Building & Energy Engineering

With building, lighting, energy and commissioning expertise, we provide expert consulting and most project-related technical services in house.

3fficient delivers international award winning cost savings. We work with building owners and their tenants to redirect various incentives, tax credits, energy, water and other cost savings back into their business, people and brand.  So far, we’ve saved our customers over $1 Billion and cut over a million tons of CO2 and other pollutants from the air we all share. We engineer savings.

General Contracting

As a licensed general contractor, project manager and building services provider, we have the experience to get your job done professionally and on time.

We are a diverse team of integrators, building scientists, project managers, techies and finance experts. Our bundling of innovative clean technologies and incentives far exceed results from a status quo approach. We have helped hundreds of businesses and institutions become more efficient, productive and sustainable while significantly decarbonizing their footprint.  We build resilience.

Turnkey Capabilities

With decades of building and energy engineering, contracting and certifying experience, customers rely on 3fficient to deliver award winning building repairs, upgrades and energy projects on time and on budget. We make dreams come true.

In recent years, we helped develop smart AI for buildings, fully wireless building controls that dramatically reduce the costs of automation and remodeling, invisible window insulation that is 300% better than plastic tints, passive insulation materials that flatten power demand while saving energy and smart urban furniture that makes schools safer and cities more resilient.  We develop innovation.

We are excited about the future for our customers, our partners and our business as the world recognizes how vitally important and valuable efficiency, energy security and sustainability truly are.

We envision a future when the built environment blends into the natural environment without any negative impact.