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It all boils down to the next 15 years

US Congress has gotten really good at kicking the can down the road, especially when it comes to climate change.  Doesn’t matter what party is in power.  It’s really up to the city leaders to take action – now.  Here’s why. A major new report finds that if infrastructure investments during the next 15 years follow the current […]


State Stymies Military on Energy

The Union Tribune recently published an article on power supply for military bases in CA. It was followed by a full page ad promoting a two-tiered rate to raise rates for more efficient users and lowering rates for inefficient users.  The current rate design already has regional adjustments built in for hotter climates.  Those that have invested […]


US EPA sets target to cut power plant emissions by 30% (sort of)

This story originally appeared on Climate Central. US pollution policy is making progress.  Nearly every state in the U.S. now has a greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal to meet under the Obama administration’s new Clean Power Plan announced Monday: Slash the country’s overall carbon pollution from the electric power sector by 30 percent below 2005 levels […]

What we know about waste

What we know about waste… It robs us of valuable time doing meaningful things. It makes us sick, it makes plants, animals and humans sick. It is killing us all. It voids our sustainability and steals resources and joy from future generations. It is a symptom of inefficiency. Eliminating it is all our responsibility. Supply […]

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The Fossil Folly

The Truth About America’s Addiction While consumers defend their addiction to driving, automakers defend their addiction to old internal combustion technology and utilities defend their addiction to fossil fuels, we all must find a real solution to volatile energy prices, air pollution and global warming before we too become like the dinosaurs – extinct. The […]