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How US coastline would change when the ice melts

According to estimates of the worst-case scenario, global sea levels will rise by up to 10 feet in the next century.  That may not seem like much, but it threatens millions of citizens in coastal communities and will result in billions of dollars in construction costs.  Then again, maybe that’s what big infrastructure companies and unions […]

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah – seriously…

When it comes to comedy, Jimmy Kimmel is right up there.  Now my new favorites are climate scientists.   As Jimmy says, ” they are people just like you and I but smarter”.  I just wish they were truly joking.   You have to watch this excerpt all the way to the end….  Then check […]

‘I don’t give a f— if we agree’

While most media thrives on conflict and polarizing discussions, US politicians often follow their “leadership”.  Climate change really isn’t a debate, but for those who think it is, the “Govenator” offer these words.  Arnold Schwarzenegger has long been a passionate advocate for alternative energy. ‘I don’t give a f— if we agree’  Arnold Schwarzenegger just […]


Electric Car Drivers, “We’ll Never Go Back To Gasoline”

Fully nine out of 10 electric-car drivers say they won’t go back to cars with internal-combustion engines, according to a new Ford survey. More often than not, that specifically means a battery electric car, Stephanie Janczak–Ford’s Manager of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Technology–said in a recent interview with CleanTechnica. Janczak noted that most current all-electric […]

Man or Planet?

As we all “celebrate”  #EarthDay here are some questions to ponder: Oil or sun? Gas or electric? Surf or turf? Polarize or attract? Man made or natural? And now, the perspective… Oil or Sun?  Will big oil and natural gas continue to be the fuel of choice?  Probably for awhile if only for the pure inertia over the last 100 years. […]


My first year with an electric vehicle.

My first year with an electric vehicle has been very interesting. Buying a vehicle is a major purchase.  So, like most married couples, my wife and I discuss and agree upon all major decisions before hand.  In this case, it was my idea, so I decided to “test the waters” first.  During casual conversations, I […]

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It’s time to cut loose!

Spring is here and along with it come all the amazing colors and festivities.  Enjoying the warm weather and the upcoming Earth Day celebrations reminds us of the fragile shrinking planet we all share.  Nobody is more keenly aware of that than our students. Today’s students are highly social and engaged in environmental, social and […]

Scientists: Will humanity survive our bad habits?

At our current pace of pollution, the Earth may cease to be a “safe operating space” for humans in the coming decades.  Unfortunately, that is the conclusion of a new paper published in the journal of science by 18 researchers trying to gauge the breaking points in the natural world.  As a race, we have shown […]