How to cut your carbon footprint by 30% overnight.

Over 90% of all American adults today have a cell phone, smart phone or tablet.  100% of all those devices use batteries – that need recharging nearly every single day!  Approximately 30% of all building energy use in the U.S. goes to plug loads – charging those devices (phones, laptops, printers, monitors, etc.).  Until now, the only way to offset all that energy use was by replacing the devices with more efficient, e.g. Energy Star rated, devices or adding solar power to the building.  Both are expensive, often capital intensive alternatives.  Finally, there is a simpler, cheaper, more sustainable alternative.

Solar charging stations, such as the Strawberry Trees and the Evodia Tables, provide solar charging integrated into public art, patio tables and meeting or dining areas.  The Strawberry Tree is an elegant work of art and an iconic meeting place.  The Evodia table is a durable, commercial-grade patio table.  An even smaller alternative is the Strawberry Mini – a portable solar kiosk that is popping up at different sporting events, conferences and outdoor retail centers.  Why are they getting so much interest?  Because they connect people directly to sustainability through their daily lives – their gadgets!

The sustainability index is very high for these furnishings (or public art).  First, they allow people to charge their important gadgets while outdoors and avoid being stuck indoors.  Second, they provide public meeting spaces, kickstarting conversations about how cool it is to be helping the environment rather than burning fossil fuels to power their gadgets and computers.  Third, they get people socializing how cool their city is for providing this great service.  Fourth, the energy is free and the cost to buy these stations is a lot cheaper than installing rooftop solar where owners are still left with utility demand charges that are often half of the bill.  Fifth, these stations provide a great opportunity to brand your city or sponsor of choice.

For many mayors, institutions and corporations, this is perhaps the easiest way to meet your obligations to reduce your carbon footprint.  To learn more or purchase these charging stations, go to 3fficient.com > products.


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