Where to charge all those laptops and gadgets?

Every student comes to school with at least a laptop, tablet or smart phone in their backpack these days.  Then they need to recharge them a lot!  For many universities, that amounts to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in electricity costs.  Those are plug loads that can’t be reduced through efficiency or demand response measures either.  According to the EPA’s Energy Star database, plug loads account for roughly 1/3 of all energy use in schools and commercial buildings.  That’s a big, uncontrolled impact on the school’s carbon footprint!  Now factor in the liabilities of tripping  over those power cords and adapters in the crowded hallways or classrooms as students clamor for the nearest outlet?  No wonder the cost of an education is skyrocketing!  Well, I’m sure that’s not the only factor, but it sure weighs in…

With the explosion of mobile devices and stiff mandates for carbon reduction, facility managers and administrators are looking for solutions to curb their energy dependence on fossil fuels and even utilities.  Now schools across California and even as far north as Canada are purchasing a new innovation in “community solar”.  Solar charging stations for mobile devices from tables to solar trees are catching on.

For outdoor dining and break areas, the Evodia solar SmarTable has power outlets ready to satisfy up to 10 users at a time – all powered by the sun without the carbon hangover.  This ADA compliant patio table is loaded with great features and options including: integrated seats and a weather resistant (solar) canopy for protection from the elements, LED lighting, optional WiFi extenders, 110v and USB outlets so users can recharge power or recharge their gadgets day or night. Perhaps the best part is the safety features.  All Evodia SmarTables come with a patented moisture and water-sense safety shutoff system to keep students safe and shock-free.  After all, what good is a covered outdoor charging table without rain safety?  They even have a huge color pallet to choose from so you can show your school colors!

For campus parks, quads and larger open spaces, the Strawberry Tree is the answer.  Currently, there are two styles available.  The Strawberry Tree Silver and Black.  The Silver is made for metropolitan settings and has that cool edgy vibe with seating around the main “trunk”.  The Black Tree looks like a tree growing up out of the ground with a large solar canopy and a large bench underneath the shade.  Both trees come with integrated lighting and universal charge adapters to connect up to almost any mobile device.  So, if you’re walking by, you won’t need your own adapter – just sit down, plug in and meet a new friend doing the same.  These trees are popping up all over Europe already and should be sprouting all over North America soon.

Now you have options to recharge all your gadgets on campus or community while providing great places to recharge and connect socially!

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