The home of the world famous Sea Bees also became home to one of the Navy’s first green building training centers thanks to 3FFICIENT.  This project was completed in the 1990s well before the term “green building” was coined.

Project Background:

Port Hueneme is home to the famous Construction Brigade “Sea Bees” and serves as a staging and storage area for massive deployments such as the Gulf War and Iraq wars. This facility was also chosen as the site of the Navy’s demonstration center for advanced energy efficiency and energy management.


In partnership with the electric utility and a large civil engineering firm, 3FFICIENT performed onsite energy efficiency surveys and audits on all existing energy and water systems (HVAC, lighting, etc) on the entire base. Historical energy use was thoroughly analyzed and benchmarked. Then, detailed computer simulations for recommended retrofits and sustainable energy efficient upgrades were analyzed. Finally, detailed engineering reports and a comprehensive database inventory of energy using (mechanical, electrical and water) equipment was provided for monitoring ongoing savings and maintenance management.


This project involved extensive retrofits to lighting, HVAC, water, wastewater and other supporting systems.

Notable Results:

  • Energy Savings: 802 kW; 5,137,000 kWh; 58,588 Therms
  • Emissions Savings: 5,146,356 lbs CO2 (GHG); 8,750 lbs NOx (smog);9,659 lbs SO2 (acid rain)
  • Equivalent to planting 7,670 trees each year
  • Equivalent to not driving 5,629,320 miles in a car annually
  • Equivalent to powering 456 large homes with renewable energy

Your audit helped set the basis for our long range master planning and future building designs.

Chris Karandang
Base Engineer