The US Marines needed places for the enlisted bachelors that are safe and green.  The DOD needed durable, long lasting, cost effective green buildings.  The prime contractor needed low cost, beautiful solar canopies to achieve LEED Silver.  We gave them beautifully designed and easy to maintain solar electric carports.  Now the marines have safe, very secure carports to protect their vehicles from the elements while generating 12.5% of the energy they use.-Project BackgroundThe US Department of Defense has committed to reducing their carbon footprint and more importantly, their reliance on fossil fuels.  This project was paid for with ARRA stimulus funds and required all products to be compliant with the Buy American Act.-Solution:The new Bachelors Enlisted Quarters are not like the old days.  The new generation of BEQs are architecturally stunning, comfortable and built to last.  The carports are as well.Notable Results:

  • Solar PV Canopies totaling 550kW
  • Energy Savings: 12.5% of each of 4 sites
  • Carbon Savings: 703 tons CO2/yr
  • 2011 USGBC LEED-NC Silver