This class A commercial building, located in Glendale California was built pretty efficiently for its time. However, the property manager knew that with changing technologies and rising energy costs, they needed to investigate improvements. They wanted unbiased guidance, so they utilized the services of 3FFICIENT’s engineers. 3FFICIENT staff analyzed their energy use and provided an investment grade engineering study that would later be used for a complete building retrofit.


This project, completed in 2003, was an energy efficient retrofit of a 152,000 square foot, 8-story office building. Retrofits included: lighting upgrades, central plant controls upgrades and integration. This $126,000 project yielded a 31% return on investment. Environmental Benefits:

  • Annual Energy Savings: 63 kW; 363,579 kWh; 3,750 Therms
  • Annual Emissions Savings: 359,626 lbs CO2 (GHG); 618 lbs NOx (smog); 684 lbs SO2 (acid rain)
  • Equivalent to planting 536 trees each year
  • Equivalent to not driving 393,375 miles in a car annually
  • Equivalent to powering 32 large homes with renewable energy

“Even though this was a small project, you guys performed well. Thanks…” Jeff Terhoeve, Property Manager, Grubb and Ellis