High performance windows for the price of tint.

As the sun bears down on our buildings or cars, most people reach for the thermostat instead of stopping the heat BEFORE it gets inside your space.  Luckily, there’s a great new solution that will not only keep you comfortable, but will save your furnishings, your pocketbook and the environment.  If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then you are a good candidate for this low cost “upgrade”.

  • I want to see through my windows or glass and don’t want the view obscured or diminished.
  • I want my windows to allow natural light in to reduce lighting costs and make my space feel healthier.
  • I want my windows to block 100% of UV light to protect my flooring and furnishings from being ruined.
  • I want my windows to block heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter to reduce a/c costs.
  • I want a solution that is really durable, but a lot cheaper than installing triple pane glass with low-e coatings

Read more to see how liquid nano-tint coatings can be “painted” on to almost any glass or plastic surface to give it the same thermal properties as replacing the entire window system.

Blockchain-based microgrid gives power to consumers

A new project in New York City is letting residents buy and sell renewable energy to each other, bypassing the central authority and the associated costs.  Could this be the future of distributed energy?  If so, what are the impediments?

Who will maintain the wires or distribution between buildings?  That should be the job of the utility distribution company and can be competitively bid by cities or counties.  It can also be managed by the municipal utility as is currently done in many cities already.  But, for pricing to be truly transparent, they should not own any generation.  Energy supply should be on the open market and priced competitively with full effects priced into the product.  For example, many states have outlawed smoking in public places.  Power generation should not be exempted.  Any waste or emission should be the responsibility of the generator.  In other words, no smoking allowed…

When will renewable energy be as reliable as we have come to expect from fossil fuels?   In some cases it already is, even at the granular rooftop level.  In very sunny climates, solar is very consistent.  With automatic load management and limited storage, it’s sufficient enough to be off grid altogether.  Perhaps a better question is, “Does solar really need to be as reliable as fossil fuel power plants?”  As more and more devices become unplugged, like project FreeCharge is doing, communities are realizing that the in many ways, distributed solar power is more reliable and resilient than central station fossil-fueled power plants.  Just ask the residents of New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy.

Read more about peer-to-peer energy transactions.


Crown Estate rolls out smart street furniture in shopping parks

The Crown Estate invests in smartphone charging benches at two of its Lifestyle retail parks.  Customers at both the Banbury Gateway Shopping Park and the MK1 Shopping Park in Milton Keynes will be able to charge their phones using smart benches.  The Crown Estate has rolled out smart benches at two of its Lifestyle retail parks – one of 14 retail parks managed by the company. The benches are designed by Strawberry Energy and sold in the US, Canada and Mexico by 3fficient.com.  They can charge Android, iPhones and other devices with USB connections.  Read more…

How US coastline would change when the ice melts

According to estimates of the worst-case scenario, global sea levels will rise by up to 10 feet in the next century.  That may not seem like much, but it threatens millions of citizens in coastal communities and will result in billions of dollars in construction costs.  Then again, maybe that’s what big infrastructure companies and unions want.  The bigger problem is the global temperature changes causing all this melting is destroying natural resources and the food chain we all depend on…  How US coastline would change when all ice melts – Business Insider

Feds: Drought kills 66 million trees in California’s Sierra

The number of trees in California’s Sierra Nevada forests killed by drought, a bark beetle epidemic and warmer temperatures has dramatically increased since last year, raising fears they will fuel catastrophic wildfires and endanger people’s lives, officials said Wednesday.

The root cause – man made climate change.  The more fossil fuels we burn, the more pollution causing the greenhouse effect on this fragile planet.  The result is higher average temperatures, extended droughts and then come the bugs and infestations.  All we have to do is say yes to more efficiency, yes to renewables and no to fossil fuels.  It’s that simple.

Details: Feds: Drought kills 66 million trees in California’s Sierra | SanDiegoUnionTribune.com