3FFICIENT is one of only a handful of companies pre-qualified to provide energy audits to schools and other public buildings in the State of Oregon.  To date, our team has audited dozens of schools, at no cost to the districts, which have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy cost savings.

Program Background:

3FFICIENT has provided guidance for many schools in Oregon through the Oregon Department of Energy’s SB 1149 Program. A sampling of schools receiving audits are as follows:

District School
South Coast Jefferson Elem.
South Coast Hillcrest Elem.
South Coast Bunker Hill Elem.
South Coast Bangor Elem.
South Coast Power Elem.
South Coast Myrtle Crest
South Coast Washington Elem.
Lincoln City DeLake Elem.
Lincoln City Oceanlake Elem.
Lincoln City Taft Elem.
Scio Centennial Elem
Corvallis Adams Elem.
Corvallis Franklin Elem.
Corvallis Garfield Elem.
Corvallis Harding Elem.
Corvallis Jefferson Elem.
Corvallis Lincoln Elem.
Corvallis Mountain View Elem
Corvallis Wilson Elem.
Beaverton Barnes Elem.
Beaverton Raleigh Hills Elem.
Clackamas Wichita Elem.
Clackamas Sunnyside Elem.
Clackamas Linwood Elem.
Clackamas Campbell Elem.
Clackamas Oak Grove Elem.
Clackamas Spring Mountain Elem
South Coast Coquille Valley Middle
Lincoln City Taft Middle
Scio #95C Scio Middle
Amity Amity Middle
Corvallis Cheldelin Middle
Beaverton Five Oaks Middle
South Coast Coquille High
South Coast North Bend Jr. & Sr. High*
South Coast Powers High
South Coast Myrtle Point High
Lincoln City Taft High
Central Linn Central Linn High
Scio Scio High
Clackamas Sabin Center
Clackamas Sojourner School
Corvallis District Office Building
Beaverton Art & Comm. Magnet*