Fixing Energy Waste in Cold Chain

HVAC and Refrigeration accounts for 30% – 50% of all energy use in existing buildings. For cold chain businesses, refrigeration costs are often 90% or more of their utility bills.

With over 25 years developing and engineering smart building solutions, we know a thing or two about building efficiency. And now, 3fficient has developed major breakthroughs for the cold chain and others. This bundle is guaranteed to cut your utility expenses in half (or more) while extending equipment life and providing backup storage to guard against increasing utility outages. Imagine the positive impact on your profits when your largest operating expense is sustainably cut in half!

Solarac – Solar Boost for AC

Unitary or Packaged A/C and Refrigeration units make up the majority of comfort and cooling in buildings around the world. The hotter it gets, the less efficient they work.

3fficient’s new Solarac technology actually reverses that. Our solar thermal enhancement delivers proven dramatic savings and life extension. Learn more >

Small footprint. Ground or rack mount.

Emperor Heat Pump

Introducing the Emperor heat pump. Coupled with the Solarac, it’s the most efficient comfort system in the world at over 28 SEER. Now you can cut your air conditioning bill in half with this quiet, long lasting system that performs even better when other systems struggle to keep up. Learn more >

Super quiet. Long lasting. Small footprint. Economical.

Thermal Storage for Freezers

Refrigeration units are the life blood of cold storage. So when it gets hot outside, utility charges skyrocket and refrigeration units fail. Products spoil and profits go out the door.

3fficient’s passively thermal storage shifts peak demand to night while providing peace of mind backup cooling. It’s that simple.

Does not take up any usable rack space. No maintenance. Lasts a lifetime. Learn more >

Fácil A.I.

What if your building and equipment could talk or make smart decisions automatically?

Fácil gives your building or facility the ability to control energy and operations easier than anything on the market.

Fácil uses artificial intelligence and the cloud to give you insights and control you never dreamed possible. Learn more >