Carlsbad Aquatics Center

“Unfortunately, the original pool heating system took a lot of handholding to maintain a consistent temperature. Our customers are paying customers and if we don’t maintain the pool well and keep it comfortable, they will go elsewhere. Your solar thermal system design just works! Better than expected.”

Carl Pope, Facility Manager

505 N Brand

“Good job guys. The project was completed ahead of schedule and no change orders. Even when a tenant complained about a minor issue, you really stepped up to the plate and made them very happy.”

Darla Szala

Property Manager


“Our facility was in such disrepair, we were seriously considering tearing it down. With your retrofits, the comfort is 100% improved. Now we can use the capital funds (we never seem to have enough of) elsewhere.”

Bob Driffill

General Manager, Glendale YMCA

Galleria Malls

“Thanks for all the hard work. As soon as the new owners get settled, I will push to get your energy audits approved and implemented.”

Mike Cross

Mike Cross, Property Manager, Glendale

Transwestern Voit

“This project went real well, our building looks better and it saved us a lot of money.”

Spence Wilson

Property Manager, 330 N Brand

Glendale Community College District

“This project has not only made our buildings more comfortable, the learning experience has improved dramatically and allows us to illustrate renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy management first hand.”

Dr. Jean Lecuyer

Director, Science Education Center


“Well done folks! Thank You for the great audits and direction for our capital improvements.”

James Butcher

General Manager, 801 N Brand

Grubb & Ellis

“Even though this was a small project, you guys performed really well and gave us the attention and expertise deserving of a much larger project. Thanks!”

Jeff Terhoeve

Property Manager, 700 N Central

SHM Partners

“Thanks to your project, we won the BOMA award again. Oh yeah, our lighting and HVAC bills have gone way down too. Well done!”

Jan Church

Property Manager, 550N Brand

Hilton Hotels

“We are dedicated to providing a high quality experience for our guests as well as environmental stewardship. This project accomplishes both by making our facilities better performing, more reliable and energy efficient. Thanks for the creative solutions!”

John Stepanian

Director of Engineering, Glendale