With energy being one of the top expenses of most organizations, managing the complexities can be very daunting, time consuming and costly.  As a result, most organizations leave it up to the utilities to do.  THAT can be very costly!

At 3fficient, we know that making existing buildings more efficient is the best way to save money, improve comfort and productivity, reduce the need for larger a/c and solar systems and ultimately break our dependence on fossil fuels.  3fficient personnel have been providing unbiased, outsourced energy management services for over 30 years.  With 3fficient energy management services, we will:

  • pinpoint all your energy waste (down to circuit or device level)
  • identify effective controls, schedules and automation options
  • map comfort issues and improve productivity
  • recommend corrective measures and options
  • offer no cost and paid from savings funding options
  • measure, trend and verify results
  • unlock multiple layers of savings while increasing customer revenues.

3fficient examines your external operating expenses, including utilities and maintenance to pinpoint savings and map out a plan that meets your business and operational goals.  We’ll reduce or eliminate energy waste, lower operating costs, drive up revenues and help ensure the sustainability of your organization.

We’ll even identify grants and funding to make the necessary upgrades possible without any out of pocket expenses, usually paid entirely from savings.

As operating costs rise and clean technologies improve, the potential for cost savings grows.  There really is no reason to keep throwing money away at rising utility costs.  Easy as 1-2-3-4

  1. Benchmark.  We’ll analyze your energy usage and costs and compare to thousands of similar facilities in your peer group.  We’ll then recommend probable savings from key resources such as: energy, water, waste, medical, transportation, telephony, tax credits, utility rates and overall sustainability.  Best of all, we only need a couple pieces of info from you to get started.
  2. Monitor.  With our innovative wireless sensing platform, we (and you) can quickly visualize energy and cost savings – where it is needed most, even at the most granular levels.  Energy and other utilities are normalized to relevant factors like weather or square feet or other metrics, streamed and analyzed in real-time.  Energy waste, trouble calls and outages will become a thing of the past (before customers ever take notice).
  3. Manage.  Our in-house technical and financial experts will conduct the necessary analyses and reporting to ensure that your savings and revenue enhancements are realistic, fast and permanent. With your approval, we’ll leave no stone unturned and deliver sustainable savings and enduring value.
  4. Certify.  As industry experts, we have the street cred, but you get the green cred when we certify your operations with: Energy Star, Green Globes, CHPS, LEED and others.

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