Commissioning is the art and science of tuning a system, building or facility to function as it was intended.  According to the US Department of Energy, retro-commissioning pays for itself in less than 2 years.  Even faster when integrated into a retrofit or new design. At 3FFICIENT, we utilize the latest high-tech tools to maximize your system and building performance.  We’ll root out the causes of operational problems before they happen or persist.  While the corrections or enhancements are made, we’ll work with your operations staff, train them and document the final results to ensure sustainability. Better yet, we can integrate our state-of-the-art continuous commissioning system to make sure your buildings and systems stay running like a “finely tuned symphony” all the time.  So whether commissioning a building for the first time or retro-commissioning an old one, our process is guaranteed to enhance comfort and safety while reducing utility costs with minimal or no cost to the owner.

We guarantee peak performance.

3fficient examines your building and energy systems, compares them to original designs (and state-of-the-art best practices), and works with your staff to implement necessary tune-ups and improvements to get energy and building systems to peak performance.  Some of the benefits include:

  • lower energy costs
  • fewer trouble calls
  • enhanced overall comfort
  • longer lasting equipment life.

In some cases, we can do this at no cost to our clients.  Call now.

Our assisted commissioning services include:

  • Retro-commissioning – a corrective action that usually pays for itself immediately.  Historically, most buildings were never commissioned, owners change, operations change and staff change.  It’s no wonder most buildings are operating well below their potential.  RCx typically includes a building assessment, diagnostic monitoring and functional tests followed by tune-ups.  Results and roadmap are provided for sustained results in the future. Get fast quote >
  • LEED-commissioning – required for certification – is a rigorous process to ensure that a building will operate at its designed peak performance for energy efficiency and comfort.  LEED buildings are also required to be re-commissioning every three years to maintain USGBC certification.
  • Continuous commissioning – a process with modern monitoring and sensors that effectively automate the commissioning process.  With the rapid improvements in sensors and cloud-based monitoring systems, this method is becoming the most valuable option.  3fficient is leading the revolution with low cost, super secure technologies that make smart building optimization seem like child’s play.
  • Renewables Commissioning – formalizes quality control of installed solar PV, thermal and wind systems. The process ensures that systems are safe and performing as per their specifications. 3fficient has the equipment and experience to perform an intense evaluation of your renewable energy systems.