3fficient professionals help businesses and institutions become more efficient, productive and sustainable.  Our building scientists and sustainability professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise in high performance smart buildings and clean energy. We successfully blend high tech data driven analytics with seasoned experience and customer engagement to achieve industry leading results.

Holistic.  Savings are maximized and achieved faster because we address water consumption, waste/recycling, energy supply and all of energy demand’s load segments (plug, lighting, process, thermal and HVAC) for the entire portfolio).

Data Driven.  Actionable information is used to prioritize activities, leading to more effective programs and more accurate identification of areas requiring improvement.

Engaging.  Cultural engagement with each client’s culture unlocks the savings potential of the entire organization, encouraging the organization to work with the program rather than against it.

Lean six sigma.  Technology is leveraged to multiply resources, generate more accurate results and identify hidden opportunities.  Driving bottom line performance and profit margins.

Measurable Results.  A robust measurement and verification program ensures that results are measured objectively and transparently, helping increase confidence in the program.

Proven.  Companies who work with us typically reduce their utility expenses and carbon footprints 20 to 80 percent.  3fficient provides a number of engineering and technical services.  To date, we have helped our customers save over $1 Billion (and counting).

On Demand Expertise.  3fficient provides customized professional services for your organization.  We provide high value world-class expertise supported by modern analytics and digital tools to deliver results that will help propel your business forward.  With over 25+ years of green building and clean tech expertise, you can be confident that we’ll deliver on our promise to help make your operations more efficient, productive and sustainable. We offer substantial cost savings, reduced risk and positive impact through highly seasoned and credentialed expertise, including: