Why is the finder’s fee so generous? Do you enjoy giving away money?
You can say that we believe in karma. We’d rather pay loyal affiliates than big advertising firms.

Who is a good referral candidate?
Just about any public agency, commercial or industrial business that pays over $5,000/month – $500,000/month in utility costs and wants to save money or reduce their carbon footprint.  Also, customers who would like to improve their building’s windows, lighting, heating, air conditioning or considering solar are good candidates.  The money we save them is impressive!

When do I get that check in the mail?
Once the product or service is paid for or the service contract is won, completed, and paid for in full by the client obtained from your referral. If the contract includes progress payments, we pay you in progress payments as well.  You will know the status of your referral and the date of delivery or estimated contract completion (once we win the contract) from the handy dashboard link provided at signup.

Can I refer someone at my own employer?
Of course, as long as you feel comfortable with the circumstances and it is not a conflict of interest. We also want to stay far away from any potential conflicts of interest and will quickly let you know if we feel uncomfortable in proceeding with your referral as well.

Can I refer more than one lead?
There is no limit. The more the better.  Please see guidance on “who is a good referral candidate” above.

How do I submit a referral?
Once registered as a referral agent, you can also submit referrals automatically by utilizing a special link embedded in emails, texts, social media, blogs or downloadable banner ads that will be made available to you after the registration process.

What if I don’t want to register as a referral agent?
Anyone can submit a single referral on our website any time. However, you will not get compensated for that referral unless registered.   All other terms and conditions, such as privacy, still apply