Strawberry Tree

The Strawberry Tree is a harmonious blend of art, technology and urban furniture.   It borrows from mother nature and provides a safe, comfortable refuge for weary travelers to recharge. Best of all, it requires little care.  Like the mighty trees of the world, it was thoughtfully designed and is built to last for generations. Come sit down and relax or connect with new friends.  Recharge while you recharge.  Now you can charge up all your mobile devices – day or night.  With or without cables, we’ve got you covered.  Each Tree comes equipped with a bunch of popular cable adapters (e.g. Apple or Android), USB outlets or wireless charging (not shown). When the sun sets, the Strawberry Tree comes to life.  The smart LED lighting comes on automatically at dusk and goes off at dawn (or sooner if you prefer).  Want to adjust the lighting?  No problem.  Owners can dim, change colors and even groove to the sound of music to set a cool urban scene.  With the brilliant, seamlessly integrated lighting – your space is now safe, secure and adaptable. Every tree is made of highly recyclable materials that last for decades.  They’re cleanly bolted onto a drop-in foundation so they can be relocated later if desired.  Just like nature, each tree absorbs sunlight and synthesizes it to energy for your benefit, producing the “fruit” or electrons free to share with travelers in need of a recharge.  Strawberry Trees illustrate zero energy since all the energy needed is produced and stored in the tree.  No power grid.  No remote power plants.  No carbon. Zero. Zip. Nada Each  Strawberry Tree™ is a stunning illustration of smart city sustainability.  They’re loaded with smart technologies to enhance public safety, environmental awareness and connectivity.  Strawberry Trees are beautiful, durable, economical, free to use, save natural resources and have mass appeal.  What more can you ask for?


  • Smart LED lighting with special multi-color effects
  • Environmental sensing, including: temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, CO2
  • Public and/or Private WiFi extender or communications
  • Bench seating and shade for 14+ people
  • Completely self powered (no grid needed)
  • Rechargeable batteries enable full functionality for up to 21 days without sunshine
  • Power adapters and outlets for popular devices, phones, cameras, mp3 players etc.
  • Smart energy management to maximize energy production, storage and communications
  • Manufacturers warranty
  • Daily usage and activity reports
  • Additional sensors such as air quality, wind, irradiance, etc.
  • Digital media or touch screens
  • Security, surveillance and public address
  • Custom Landscaping
  • Emergency 911 intercom / blue light

Tech Specs

  • Canopy Height: 180″ (15 feet tall)
  • Canopy Area: 138″ x 143″
  • Bench Footprint: 165″ x 50″ x 17″ high
  • Up to 1.5 million 10-minute charges per year
  • 6,200 10-minute charges without sunshine
  • Number of built in cords*: 16
  • Lighting: LED strip lighting along perimeter of canopy (underside)
  • 25 years on PV module output
  • 2 years on materials and workmanship
  • 1 year on cables
  • 1 year on batteries
  • Limitations apply.  Extended warranties and maintenance plans are available.
Installation duration: 2-4 days Available in the U.S. exclusively from 3fficient.
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