New nano-technology provides ultra long lasting clean. Automatically repels:Grease, oil, water, bacteria, mold, fungus, acid rain and other environmental pollutants.

Metal & Plastics  |  Ceramic & Glass  |  Fabric & Textiles  |  Polished Stone  |  Masonry  | Wood

Say “no” to e-coli and salmonella.  See how PermaClean℠ makes your kitchen repel bacteria.

PermaClean℠ helps protect bathrooms from bacteria like staph, MRSA, and Hepatitis.

Stay dry while repelling liquid, oil and other stains. PermaClean℠ protects clothing, shoes, furnishings, awnings, patio umbrellas and many other fabrics.

Protect your marble, granite, slate and other expensive stonework from graffiti, acid rain, mold and other elements?


PermaClean℠ keeps decorative stone, concrete and other porous surfaces free from mold, mildew and other stains.


PermaClean℠ protects indoor and outdoor wood, resists stains and water while allowing the wood to breathe (so it won’t get moldy or rot).

Sustainably Green

For the cost of one good cleaning, PermaClean℠ virtually eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or “green” cleaning products.  Now that’s sustainable!