“We were really pleased how the company educated us about energy efficiency, explored many options, came up with great “out of the box” solutions, and then walked us through the whole process.”

City of Encinitas

“Your team provided a direction that was in line with our specific needs. The project leverages our natural Southern California resources, and saves taxpayers money on our already tight budgets.”

Cathedral City

“Your company’s knowledge of LEED requirements is a refreshing change from the smoke screen that goes up when talking to firms with little experience.  Your fees were appropriate to the requirements and you completed the project in a timely manner.  Your assistance to our newly minted LEED AP was much appreciated.”

MW Services

“This was an outstanding project from start to finish. Well done team. We will definitely consult with you again in the future.”

City of Glendale

“This project was very beneficial to us. Your expertise helped us develop an energy master plan while saving energy and building in additional automation so we can respond to different utility price signals immediately.”

City of Pasadena

“Your team has really helped us shave a bundle off our renovation plans, not to mention lowering future energy costs and improving tenant comfort.”

Glendale Medical Office

“We are dedicated to providing a high quality experience for our guests as well as environmental stewardship. This project accomplishes both by making our facilities better performing, more reliable and energy efficient. Thanks for the creative solutions!”

Hilton Hotels

“This is an excellent project which has greatly reduced our operating costs and control, extended the life of our equipment and most importantly improved guest comfort. Thanks for the creative ideas and making my job easier!”

Starwood Hotels

“We were fighting an uphill battle against rising utility costs and low cost foreign competitors. Your analysis of our operations and the solutions to lower our water usage by 95% will make a huge difference to our competitiveness.”

Oregon Cherry Growers

“As a global manufacturer of building materials, energy is a big expense for us. The slightest fluctuation wreaks havoc on our budgeting and materials prices. We are thankful for your help on our global energy management team and development of our enterprise-wide, real-time energy management program.”

Johns Manville

“In addition to the energy and maintenance savings, comfort (and productivity) of our employees has been greatly improved. Thanks for fixing our buildings and helping us keep our operating costs down. Great job team!”

VidFilm Technicolor

“Thanks for the help fellas. Business is very competitive and this projects helps us be competitive and more environmentally friendly. Good Job.”

Cal Offset Printer

“This was a marquis project, not just for Port Hueneme, but for the entire US Navy. Your “netzero energy” designs will be replicated and adopted across the Navy. Your engineering is certainly industry leading. Thanks.”

US Navy

“Your management of our Demand Response Program achieved phenomenal results and helped us avoid blackouts. Above all, you treated our customers like gold working seamlessly as part of our team.”

Pasadena Water & Power

“We selected you because of your experience, credentials and attention to detail. We have expanded our contract with your firm because of your cost effective, high quality work and diligence. Thank You.”

Riverside Public Utilities

“Good job guys. The project was completed ahead of schedule and no change orders. Even when a tenant complained about a minor issue, you really stepped up to the plate and made them very happy.”

505 N Brand

“Thanks to your project, we won the BOMA award again. Oh yeah, our lighting and HVAC bills have gone way down too. Well done!”

SHM Partners

“Even though this was a small project, you guys performed really well and gave us the attention and expertise deserving of a much larger project. Thanks!”

Grubb & Ellis

“This project went real well, our building looks better and it saved us a lot of money.”

Transwestern Voit

“Thanks for all the hard work. As soon as the new owners get settled, I will push to get your energy audits approved and implemented.”

Galleria Malls

“Well done folks! Thank You for the great audits and direction for our capital improvements.”


“Our facility was in such disrepair, we were seriously considering tearing it down. With your retrofits, the comfort is 100% improved. Now we can use the capital funds (we never seem to have enough of) elsewhere.”


This project has not only made our buildings more comfortable, the learning experience has improved dramatically and allows us to illustrate renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy management first hand.

Glendale Community College District

“Unfortunately, the original pool heating system took a lot of handholding to maintain a consistent temperature. Our customers are paying customers and if we don’t maintain the pool well and keep it comfortable, they will go elsewhere. Your solar thermal system design just works! Better than expected.” Carl Pope, Facility Manager

Carlsbad Aquatics Center