3fficient is committed to practicing what we preach. Our goal is simple but far reaching – to minimize our environmental footprint by eliminating waste, air pollution and water pollution.

While we applaud those that aim for a 10 or 20 or 30% reduction, we aim for 100% reduction – zero energy, zero waste and zero impact.  We reward sustainability with competitive rewards for the lowest environmental footprints in the office and at home.  We practice what we preach.

  • Reduce. We minimize our transportation impact by promoting telecommuting, virtual offices, walking, riding, mass transit and highly efficient vehicles before other forms of transportation. We minimize our waste by eliminating unnecessary products and purchases.
  • Reuse. We reuse and repurpose products that may otherwise get discarded.
  • Recycle. We don’t discard, we recycle everything else.
  • Renew. We have a generous program to help our employees, associates and subcontractors convert their homes, offices and factories to net-zero energy buildings. We also participate in various environmental rebuilding programs to help repair and regenerate our environment.
  • Educate. We educate our employees, associates and customers about the environment through awareness programs, customized educational kiosks, online training and taking the time to “get into it” with nature hikes, campouts and various outings.

While we believe it’s important to celebrate savings and successes, we feel it’s more important to strive for a true zero footprint by doing more with less!  What color is your footprint?